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Weyerhaeuser Company () is an American timberland company which owns nearly 12.4 million acres of timberlands in the U.S. and manages an additional 14.0 million acres timberlands under long-term licenses in Canada. The company also manufactures wood products. Weyerhaeuser is a real estate investment trust.

An angry former employee said "Management in Weyerhaeuser Company is not made up of effective leaders. You will never be promoted. Promotions are based on whether or not you will do whatever management wants. Have to be a puppet. Underpaid for the work you do. Benefits have been cut. You don't have time to use your vacation. Management asks for input on ways to improve, then ignores suggestions choosing to go with their "better" plan. You're given constant praise until it comes time for annual reviews. To be successful, you need to say yes a lot: "Yes, I would love more work." "Yes, your idea is better than mine." "Yes, I already make too much money." Bottom line, they don't care about their employees. It's all about pleasing the shareholders."


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Former Employee - Millwright says

"No communication. No professionalism. Will not honor any of their agreements whether or not it is in writing. They do not care about the employees just end of the year bonuses"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everyone below them, nothing. Just 16 hour days and no raises for years while the higher ups rep the benefits from your suffering."


"Pay and Management and also a very unsafe work environment."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"HA! where to begin?!? staffing # are up & down like a yoyo. mgt says "we can't predict what the needs will be." right. eliminating jobs in one area only to add in another. they call it "right sizing". others call it bs. other co.'s staff at a level where they don't have to "eliminate jobs". apparently some over-hire and have to compensate when mkt changes"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you don't want a life outside of work, this place is for you. Morale is low, constant turnover, no succession plan or people in place. Bad safety culture, lots of incidents swept under the rug to keep rates low. HR is not supportive."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Leadership hires friends, does not work to develop employees. Micromanaging at it's finest. Does not value education or ambition; is looking for employees to take sub par compensation to save money on the bottom line. Would not recommend applying under any circumstance."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Morale is in the gutter across all employees. Management, which has been inflated with middle managers, is flaky, incompetent, and does not have your back. Your chances of advancement depend more on the color of your nose than the quality of your work. Workers who excel are pigeon-holed in their roles while inept employees are bounced upward. Developmental training is reserved for those pre-destined for advancement (see above) and as a carrot to keep disgruntled, but essential, employees from quitting. Pay increases are withheld from entry-level to first level workers despite bring promoted and having more responsibilities. Necessary business tools, such as cellphones, have been ripped away, and you must now pay for the privilege to be on call 24/7. And don't expect to get any comp time (you WILL be working well over 60 hours/week and on weekends). Also, don't expect a work/life balance: departments are ridiculously understaffed, and your manager doesn't have one, so you won't, either. HR cannot be bothered to pretend that they even care about you; at least they're honest (in a sense)."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Awful place to work, starts with top leader in the mill If you are hourly or salary, you are disrespected and treated poorly no matter what you do There are better places to work for more money"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There was no opportunity for growth within the company. I experienced gender bias when it came to salary, hours worked (including lunch), continuing education and role responsibility. One example: the guy who previously held my position was able to arrive in the late morning and leave at 3pm with no issues. I, on the other hand, was told to be on site at 8AM sharp until 5PM sharp. Even if leaving for lunch I was to report my time which was closely monitored. The manager I reported to directly told me I was doing great work and he didn't know how to coach me because I was doing everything right, however, the mill manager of the site I supported was uncomfortable working with a woman so I was let go; even though I demonstrated an exemplary performance record and received several accolades from upper management in corporate. I received several suggestive advances from on site management and regret not reporting it even though it made my daily tasks uncomfortable. I experienced a similar situation in corporate and the solution was for me to try to avoid the guy so I felt I was in a tough position."

Current Employee - Senior Manager says

"never seen a company in a constant stat of re org, they grow and cut wood...not too technical but think they are running Microsoft"

Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"The cancer has spread from new bern to Plymouth and continues to plague the company. Continued failed leadership, threatening mannerisms, and low morale are what you should expect. Hard to explain how company leadership can keep the same failed individuals in key positions and expect different resultsNothing comes to mindBlame game by local leadership"

N/a (Former Employee) says

"They have zero consideration for their workers or their families most of the year and have managed to drop the ball even further during a world-wide pandemic. Filling up already over-stocked yards and forcing people to work when they should be home. But they are only motivated by money so they refuse to acknowledge the crisis. 0/10"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Whatever you do, don't work here straight out of college. You will be taken advantage of, ignored, gas lighted, and overworked. No one will listen, even high up executives when you express your concerns for being overworked. If you are an accountant, go work for a CPA firm - you'll work as many hours here with a fraction of the pay."

n/a (Former Employee) says

"One sided, no response afterwards. This was for a professional level position. Felt disrespected when my follow up call was never acknowledged. Seattle not so big. Word does get around within one's profession about how well applicants are treated."

Everything (Former Employee) says

"No words no advance for blacks discrimination racist low down I wouldn't want no one to work there.......if it was the last job on earth I would not work"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Wevco is in this mode of hiring and promoting young engineers that have no experience and have read everything they no from a book. Trying to tell the experienced how things work. Company is slowly dying."

Production Associate (Former Employee) says

"Many positions required to work in multiple locations without any assistance. doing one job and being called to perform task in other plant locations. While trying to complete the first task, personnel will be hollering at you to complete another task.Short-handed, no advancement, refuse to maintain equipment.Non"

Planer Mill Forklift Driver Day Shift (Former Employee) says

"I learned that management is awful. they don't work with you for any reasons and I mean any reasons. I would not ever work there again for no amount of money.pay is okayeverything else"

938 operator (Current Employee) says

"The job is very stressful and they only care about production they do not care about the safety of the employees. The management is very poor and they are careless. The work place culture is like being in a prison. The best part of the day is leavingno prosa lot of cons"

Planner/Scheduler (Former Employee) says

"Union combined with bad Management will ultimately cause the mill to close down. Management is hired right out of high school. Some do not even have high school. Union enables lazy workers to be even more lazy. Very poor moral.Located close to townToo many to list."

/Shipping & Receiving (Former Employee) says

"Bad job management takes pride in harassing it's employees and setting them up for failure. If you like to get humilated on a daily basis then I highly recommend this job.no weekendseverything about this place"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"extremely fast paced. Under paid no appreciation for drivers. always stressed about HOS deliveries are maxed racing the clock. Working for free on their time taking mandatory company classes that should be getting paid for.pay weeklyno set schedules, bad communication within the office"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Good company, just not in Louisville anymore. Moved distribution center to the mid-west to better facilitate distribution of building materials. This is still a thriving company with great products."

Operations Lead (Current Employee) says

"Let's start with that I have been with Weyerhaeuser for four years and have only received one raise, with over 95% ratings on my annual reviews. I had plenty of meetings explaining my intent on moving up with the company over the last few years. Yes, I took on many roles outside the scoop of my original job duties. Such as Safety, Training and Inventory Managment to name a few. I have in all of these cases excelled and either came up with new SOP's or saved our site hundreds of thousands in potential fines. Yep, our site was operating with no forklift certifications for two years...that's two years. Of course, one would think that finding and fixing said issues would afford them recognition for their hard work etc. Not in the case of Weyerhaeuser. It is not enough to work 16 hour days and complete a degree while doing so. Yes, I am finishing my BS, 12 months left, while still working 16 hours days. Again, I thought that showing I can get my higher education done it would somehow allow me to be able to move up finally. Yet again, no, Weyerhaeuser does not care if their current employees are bettering themselves, no, they side-line them and hire from the outside. Then you get the chance to teach those new bosses of yours how to do their new jobs. In conclusion, Weyerhaeuser is great for lateral or higher position moves. The sad thing is once you are in one spot they do not promote you moving from that position, no matter how hard you work, at all. So for those with midlevel backgrounds you are set. Those who are at the beginning trying to move up, Weyerhaeuser is bynoneWhat is not a con should be the question"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"If you like being yelled at by the plant manager everyday and feel bad about doing your job, this is the place for you. It is an awful dirty place to work and the head guy does his best to use threats to make you work. Good Luck.Getting paycheck, going homeMade to feel like a piece of dirt, uncaring leadership"


"worst place to work. favoritism runs rampant. work in Seattle but paid Tacoma wages. Poor management. No growth opportunities. Unethical. commute is horrible - 1.5 hours one way.orca card is paid forlow pay, long hours, bad managers, favortism, unethical, retaliatory"

Journeyman Multicraft Millwright (Former Employee) says

"the worst place ever to work preach safety but in reality they do not care mgmt is uneducated liars best advise is stay away from new bern lumber saw mill in vanceboro ncits a jobevery aspect of the place"

Trimmer Operator (Current Employee) says

"They expect you to do your best with poor equipment. Every year they take away from our benefit package."

Packer/Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Very negative workers, manager stole money out of an employee purse and lied to the employee saying she had the police on the way so she could file a report but the police never arrived. Very rude to customers, no respect"

Setup Operator (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed going in everyday to do my job.Set-up machine. Ran a few boards.Did quality check.Let co-worker out for breaks.Continue checking quality the rest of shift. Most co-workers where understanding people.Hardest part of job was dealing with a co-worker who extremely bad. I received many treats for 3yrs. Continue to tell management about this problems. Nothing ever was done about it. Even got to the point where I was hit and nothing was never about it. Sad but true. Spent 25yrs. With company and I never thought management could be so bad.Just this type of behavior go on for long.It wasnt always like it my first 21yrs. New mangers came in and hired certain people they wanted.Even though they was not qualified.Could write a book about it but I will stop here.If anybody wants to no more papers to prove it.was a good paying jobpoor management"

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